Jet Cashback for Casino Games

Jet Cashback is a special Jet Casino promotion that gives players a new opportunity to wager loss funds. As long as the minimum requirements are fulfilled, a small percentage is refunded as playable credits.

Moreover, there are several levels of cashback. The wager requirements reduce each time the user makes progress. After reaching the maximum level, no more rollover is necessary to withdraw funds.

Understanding how the Jet Cashback works

First of all, the only money considered for this promotion is real cash. Therefore, the player must first deposit with one of the payment methods available to Canada. Throughout the week, all the losses accumulate, and the user receives back a total of 10% as bonus.

Being a fixed promotion, this bonus paid on Wednesday repeats itself every new week. Except for the ultimate level, all other refunds last up to 72 hours. If they are not used, or the player does not complete the wagering requirements, the credits are removed.

The cashback is accrued in an automatic way, and there are no settings to be made. As a bonus, the promotion has to be used in the casino slots and can’t be withdrawn as real money. Finally, there are requirements both to receive a refund and to unlock withdrawal.

All terms and requirements

Jet Cashback is divided into a few levels and knowing them is essential to avoid surprises. They all provide 10% refund, and their respective wagering conditions are:

  • Crystal – 5x
  • Quartz – 5x
  • Onyx – 5x
  • Agate – 4x
  • Topaz – 4x
  • Opal – 3x
  • Sapphire – 2x
  • Ruby – 1x
  • Brilliant – no wager

As soon as the cashback is accrued, the players will know which level they received. The best scenario, of course, is to get a Brilliant tag, with no expiration or wager condition.

It is also necessary to know that the withdrawn amount cannot exceed the deposits during the entire week. The same applies to the total payments, exceeded by $100 by the deposits. Finally, the total bets must exceed the winnings by $100.

By meeting all the conditions, the total of 10% is deposited to the account as bonus. If within 3 days the player does not meet the wagering criteria, the credits and their respective gains disappear. However, that does not impair the accrual of new Jet Casino Cashback for the following week. Concluding, the player must be aware that only bets on slots count for the accrual.